Emergency Financial Solutions for Families

Making it as a family is hard in today’s world. Everything is costly, and unpredictable situations, such as natural disasters or sudden deaths, sometimes arise that can send a family into crisis. If your family is ever struggling in this way, it is extremely important that you know where to turn for help. Even if you think this could never happen to you, remember that life can change at a moment’s notice, which is why it’s so very important to know what your options are and where you can go to seek assistance in the most dire of situations.

The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a longstanding national organization that has local branches all over the United States. This organization is tirelessly devoted to providing assistance to families in crisis. These are just a few of the many services it offers to families in need:

l Help paying utility bills

l Aid for military families

l Disaster assistance

If you have found yourself in a situation where your family needs help immediately, contact your local Red Cross. For some services and assistance, you may need to provide proof of income and/or financial need, but you can rest assured that if your need is real, this organization will do its best to help you.

Working Cars for Working Families

Working Cars for Working Families is a charitable organization devoted to helping provide vehicles for families that need transportation in order to work or to receive job training. If you find your family without a working vehicle and nowhere to turn, this organization may be able to provide you with a donated automobile, a low interest loan or financing for a vehicle, or a matched saving program to help you secure transportation. Alternatively a non working vehicle can still be eligible for title loans.

Catholic Charities

Don’t let the name of this charity deceive you. You do not have to be catholic to receive help from Catholic Charities. This national organization, like the American Red Cross, has local branches all over the United States. These local organizations will provide financial help, job training and placement, and various other resources to those who can demonstrate a real need for assistance. You can find your local branch or the branch nearest to you by conducting an online search. You will likely be matched with a representative who can listen to the details of your situation and discuss assistance options with you.

Share Our Strength

Last but not least, Share our Strength is a network of organizations that offers food assistance to families in need. Your local branch of Share Our Strength may be able to provide you with groceries, money for groceries, free meals, or other forms of food-related assistance. Even if you do not have a local Share Our Strength branch, your community likely has its own food assistance program which you can contact to learn more about how to receive food; no one deserves to go hungry!

Remember, no matter how hard things may get, you are not alone, and you do have options for assistance in your time of need.