Charities That are Legitimately Working to End Poverty

There are many charities around the world that claim to be doing their part toward putting an end to poverty. Unfortunately, however, not all charities are as good as they might look at first. Some don’t donate nearly as much as you might think to their causes, and there have even been instances of outright fraudulent or made-up charities that prey on the kindhearted.

If you are willing to give your money to charity and want to do your part to end poverty, the last thing you want to happen is for your money to go where it won’t actually do any good. To avoid getting scammed, we suggest donating to one of the following proven charities that actually work to end poverty, or, at the very least, doing your research to ensure any charity you give to is the real thing.

The Real Deal #1: K.I.D.S

K.I.D.S stands for “Kids in Distressed Situations,” and this very large charitable organization is, fortunately, totally legitimate. Its goal is to help children worldwide who suffer from poverty. It provides clothes, school supplies, and more to impoverished children, and also works to provide shelter for homeless children as well as free medical care.

The organization spends a whopping 99.5% of its funds on charitable programs and the remaining half percent on fund raising and administration costs- in short, you’d be hard-pressed to find a charity that gives more of what it gets to those in need, making this charity an extremely worthwhile one to donate to.

The Real Deal #2: Feeding America

Feeding America is another “for real” charity that you should consider giving to. In fact, it’s the largest American hunger-relief organization and is known for feeding over 25 million people in the United States each year.

The charity works by operating several food banks and also by collecting and distributing food and groceries to those food banks and to individuals in need. Practically every dollar it receives goes to putting food in someone’s mouth, making it a very worthwhile charitable organization.

The Real Deal #3: Concern Worldwide US

Another good, reputable charity to consider is Concern Worldwide US, which has been working to help end poverty since 1968. This long-standing organization helps the impoverished in many ways, including emergency response assistance and development of impoverished areas.

While the organization uses its funding to help people all over the world, most of its efforts go to third-world countries, which greatly need and greatly benefit from the assistance.

The Real Deal #4: Project Bread

Finally, there’s Project Bread, which is based in Massachusetts. The organization, like many others, is focused on helping to put an end to hunger. It organizes an annual Walk for Hunger to raise funds but also takes donations.

Each year, because of donations, it is able to offer millions of dollars to emergency food programs that it manages.

As you can see, there are many legitimate, poverty-fighting charities out there. Make sure that when you donate, your money goes to one that truly is working to end poverty, whether it’s one from this list or one that you research and seek out on your own.