Bernie Sanders Thinks Reparations are Unrealistic

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has some support in the Democratic primary. However, a lot of that support- in fact, the vast majority of it- is coming from Caucasian voters. And while Sanders and his supporters are surely glad for those “white votes,” many are wondering why he isn’t more popular among minorities, though others think that the answer to this question is crystal clear and have even gone so far as to call Sanders a “radical.”

His supporters say that his economic plans and platforms, including his desired expansion of the welfare state, could be particularly helpful to both Latinos and Blacks. That’s why many Sanders fans are scratching their heads, wondering why these minority groups aren’t showing Sanders more support.

However, the answer may be a little simpler than it seems. In fact, some say the reason that Sanders isn’t getting the minority vote is painfully obvious; he’s even been accused of focusing much too little on the issue of “white supremacy” in this country.

To make matters worse, Sanders is supposedly opposed to paying reparations to African Americans, and many think this is why he isn’t getting the Black vote. However, on the issue, Sanders hasn’t really said that he opposes reparations completely, just that he doubts they would make it through congress and that he feels giving out reparations would be a divisive act in a time that America needs to come together.

Those who do not support Sanders, though, don’t make light of his beliefs on reparations in any way and accuse him of side-stepping the issue and brushing it off as if it is not of great importance, and of course, to many Black voters, it most certainly is. In fact, some voters have taken their anger a step further and point out the fact that his politics don’t really “line up” from one issue to the next. For example, non-supporters of Sanders say that his health care proposal and his desire to eliminate the health insurance industry in favor of a government program has little chance of making ti through congress and is divisive. Yet, they say, he supports that- so why not support reparations?

Sanders has also rubbed voters the wrong way by fighting with Black Lives Matter supporters. Furthermore, many voters, of all races and backgrounds, have problems with Sanders’ determination to squash the power held by the very wealthy. Voters who don’t “stand with Sanders” find that he should be focusing on more important and pressing issues.

In fact, his single-minded fascination with this issue has caused many to dub him as somewhat of a “radical,” though he himself thinks he’s a “revolutionary.” Unfortunately, though, his radical views are not winning him support from minorities, which many find surprising. As with all of the presidential hopefuls, though, only time and a forthcoming election will tell how things play out. As of right now, though, things aren’t looking so great for Sanders, at least when it comes to the minority vote.