Bernie Sanders Thinks Reparations are Unrealistic

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has some support in the Democratic primary. However, a lot of that support- in fact, the vast majority of it- is coming from Caucasian voters. And while Sanders and his supporters are surely glad for those “white votes,” many are wondering why he isn’t more popular among minorities, though others think that the answer to this question is cr...

Steven Avery Case: $36 Million?

36 million
The Manitowoc County of Wisconsin is a town I can honestly say I will never go anywhere near. I do not intend to ever even fly over this town. Manitowoc County is that type of small town I would watch on the old popular hit television series The Twilight Zone. In The Twilight Zone you would arrive in a small town that appeared safe, quiet, and welcoming, at first. Then, all of ...
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New Philanthropic Endeavors

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have just recently announced that they are planning on moving 99 percent of their Facebook shares into a limited liability company for charity. This is $45 billion dollars and is definitely making a stir. This announcement has come with a lot of attention and got people talking about the new generation of philanthropic endeavors. Ju...

Emergency Financial Solutions for Families

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Making it as a family is hard in today’s world. Everything is costly, and unpredictable situations, such as natural disasters or sudden deaths, sometimes arise that can send a family into crisis. If your family is ever struggling in this way, it is extremely important that you know where to turn for help. Even if you think this could never happen to you, remember that life can ...

Charities That are Legitimately Working to End Poverty

There are many charities around the world that claim to be doing their part toward putting an end to poverty. Unfortunately, however, not all charities are as good as they might look at first. Some don’t donate nearly as much as you might think to their causes, and there have even been instances of outright fraudulent or made-up charities that prey on the kindhearted. If...

The Interconnectedness of Economics and Justice

Economics and justice are two things that are different, yet intrinsically intertwined. Put simply, the economy influences how people live, along with what they have. How? Of course, the economy impacts the jobs that are available and the amount of money that will be paid for doing them. As the economic crisis a few years ago showed, the graph of ups and downs can be extremely ...

Statistics Show the World Has Made Great Progress in Ending Extreme Poverty

Contrary to what you read or hear, the world is making great strides towards abolishing poverty.   As part of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations (UN), the UN has set a target of ending extreme poverty by 2030. Leading experts support this as a realistic goal, projecting trends over the next 15 years to demonstrate that the dream of elimin...

The Worst Charities to Donate To (2015)

Most of us want to do right by our fellow man. You probably help your neighbor lift heavy furniture when he needs it, visit the old lady on the corner when she’s sick, and volunteer at the local soup kitchen once a month. Donating to a charity is part of the equation, right? Although giving to a charity seems like the right thing to do, the sad truth is that your money would...

Deutsche Bank Will Pay $US200M In Sanctions

Deutsche Bank Has Agreed To Pay The US regulator charged Deutsche bank $258 million for doing business with US sanctioned entities like Syria and Iran. The German bank subsequently agreed to pay this amount in penalties to the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), US central bank and the Federal Reserve. The DFS is also investigating the bank for allegedly m...